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Are you tired of going to the printing and copying store, just to find that they don't have the ink or laser toner you need? Is dealing with a youngster that does not know the difference between an HP and a Lexmark, and treats you badly while taking your hard-earned money driving you crazy? Then why not take back the reins of your customer service and your pocket book and buy your ink and laser toners online? You understand what it takes to run your business smoothly, and it can be hard to cut costs and save some money in the process. With ordering all of your printer ink online, you can save thousands of dollars each year. Saving money is important no matter what line of business you are in, but it doesn't' have to be difficult. The first step is to log on to the internet and search for the best online printer ink seller you can find. How will you be sure that you have found the least expensive one, but with the highest quality products?

The best ink and toner companies will not sell you inferior products, and offer you a guarantee that confirms that stance. You want a company that buys their ink from only the best ISO-9001 certified companies, this way you are assured of buying only the best in OEM replacement cartridges for your printer. This ISO-9001 certification is a mark of excellence for that manufacturer, so you can rest easy. All of your ink and toner cartridge needs are from refurbished cartridges that have been professionally restored to factory quality. However, not only are you saving big bucks on your ink and toner because you are buying a refurbished product. The online seller is able to buy them in massive quantities directly from the factory, locking in huge discounts. Since they only sell online, the overhead is minimal, allowing you to save even more money on your ink. Your savings will not be a few cents or even a few dollars. Your savings will be humongous.

Take a look at this example. Say you've got an HP LaserJet printer and you need a P4014N toner cartridge for it. Not counting the hassle, poor treatment and sales tax you will be paying at your local retail store, your cost will be nearly $173 for one toner cartridge. That is insane, as online you can buy that exact toner cartridge, minus poor treatment and hassle, for only $56. That is an incredulous savings of over $115. To show you that this is not a fluke, take your same hypothetical HP LaserJet printer, but you need a P4015N toner cartridge for it. Same hassle, same story at the retailer and you pay a whopping $300 for your toner. If you were to purchase the same toner online, you would pay only $65 for it. That is an enormous savings of $235 for the same product. Why would you go back to the retailer in town when you can save this kind of money? Chances are, you will not, and with the free returns within 10 days if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase and the fact that you will never have to pay sales tax on your ink again (except in CA) you can do more with your business and your money.

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Andrew Yeung is president of CompAndSave, a leading online provider of premium printer ink cartridges, including remanufactured and compatible printer ink cartridges. With deals every month and a 100% customer satisfaction, CompAndSave provides an easy way for people and businesses to purchase printer ink and accessories.

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