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In the world of today, nearly every household that you will walk into, which owns a Computer, will no doubt be the owner of a printer. They can come available in a variety of styles and will offer you many services, depending on the brand, the quality and the method in which the printer actually produces the ink.

The two most common types of printer are the Ink jet type and the laser variants. As already mentioned each printer will have its own advantages and disadvantages to the buyer. In this Article we are going to look at the Ink jet printer.

The Ink jet design of the printer is generally the cheaper of the two we have mentioned. However, just because it is normally cheaper to buy, this does not mean that the printer will produce documents of a lesser quality to its more expensive counterpart, the laser printer. Both of these printers have different methods of being able to actually produce the finished print, the ink jet for example will use Ink cartridges, whilst the Laser variant, will use a more pricy toner cartridge.

The Advantages

When we compare the Ink Jet printer to our older styles of printing, such as the Dot Matrix and Daisywheel systems, we find that the Ink jet printer produces much less noise and you can see the printer works a little smoother, when it is carrying out printing tasks.

Due to the higher print head resolution, it is now possible to print images that own finer, smoother details as opposed to older printers. There is also next to no warm up time and you will get a lot of use from the Ink cartridges that play a part of these systems

The Disadvantages

The Ink for these systems can often be expensive, especially if you buy genuine ink. You have to find a good supplier of genuine ink or use a professional refill service to make sure you keep up the quality that you have been promised. There are many fakes, available on the market today, some of which offer you a false hope. Make sure you check to see if the ink cartridges you are buying are compatible with your Printer.

The Ink cartridges of today can contain a small chip that sends messages from your Printer to your computer. Sometimes these can malfunction and cause different error messages; the most common is that your ink level is low. If this message appears on your screen, it is likely that the printer will not print for you, even though there is Ink available.

The Ink cartridges used in the Ink jet printer contain very small nozzles; these are prone to clogging, so it is important to carry out regular maintenance when you have the use of an Ink jet printing system. This maintenance is normally carried out by an automatic cleaning system within the printer, however many systems will need you to actually push the button, initiating the routine.

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