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When the time comes to replace your printer cartridges, it is crucial that you know the correct model and type of cartridge, your printer uses. The following guide will provide you with several up to date tips and should help you to identify, the correct type of cartridge, which will work best for your individual printing requirements.

There are many different types of Ink Cartridge available on the market to purchase today. We now have Compatible Ink Cartridges, Ink Refills as well as the most commonly known OEM Cartridges. The competition is fierce in the Ink industry and many believe that the OEM cartridges are the best to use for your printer.

Recent studies suggest that this is simply not the case anymore, and people that have used OEM cartridges in the past, will have noticed the high expense that comes with them. It is now highly recommended that we look into other options, when we are looking to replace our Ink cartridges, as in the current climate of the recession, money is not as readily available, as it may have been in the past.
Compatible ink cartridges are extremely inexpensive compared to OEM Cartridges, yet they provide us with the same quality service. The grade of ink used is tested to ensure the same quality as used by the original manufacturer, and you will find a compatible cartridge no matter which type or brand of printer you own in your household. They also provide you with the same convenience as OEM cartridges, as the same plug in and play principles apply. You would not have this simplicity I you decided to refill your ink cartridges, every time your ink supplies run low.

Consider the long term cost, when looking to purchase your new printer cartridges. As already mentioned OEM cartridges come at a high price, and you will get the same use out of a compatible cartridge. Maintenance of the Ink cartridge is also another factor you should take into consideration, as with any device, some degree of maintenance will be required. The Compatible ink cartridge is just as easy to maintain as the OEM cartridges. A simple test printing page may be all that is required to ensure that the ink does not dry from within the cartridge.

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