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We all need a printer in our family home, whether for printing the latest recipe for the family meal later on tonight or if it is for printing the latest family pictures from the latest memorable event. HP is a well-known brand of printer and at this current time, many regard them to the leaders in the printing industry. This comes as no surprise, as they are constantly bringing out new printers that tick all the boxes when it comes to customer satisfaction.

There are a huge range of printers to choose from the HP brand and all of your needs and wants are catered for. You will always be able to find a printer that suites your requirements. Printing images is a new market, and many people now choose to print their own images. This is a task that was before not seen as ideal as the printers available where not good enough to cope with the demands placed upon them. Hewlett Packard has since released there PhotoSmart range of printers, which holds the very latest in printing technology.

The HP 3310 printer is one printer from the PhotoSmart range, and comes with many features integrated within the system. Its main features are its wireless capability’s, which in previous years was practically unheard of for a printer to be able to do. Technology has come a long way and HP have used it to their advantage within their products. The HP 3310 is able to print at an amazing 31 pages per minute, which again is another quality feature, as many other brand of printer are unable to match these speeds, without sacrificing the quality of the final print.

The wireless technology means that you are now able to send photos direct to your printer, this saves the use of a PC, and you can also send photos direct to your friends and family, perfect for the magical moments in life, for example when your baby takes their first steps. This printer is also very lightweight and portable due to its compact size, however good things come in small sizes.

To maintain the best performance from you printer, you should use only the best quality ink. This printer is an inkjet printer so ink cartridges will need to be replaced every now and again. The best quality ink is not always found direct from the supplier; in fact you can save a large amount of money through the use of the compatible ink cartridge. You can find HP PhotoSmart 3310 ink online for a relatively low price, if you look for the compatible types. Genuine ink is expensive, so why endure the heavy expenditure, when you can receive the same results from the compatible ink cartridge.

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