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With so many different styles of printer to choose from, it can now be very difficult for the modern day consumer or customer to decide which printer will best suit their needs. There are many tasks that our printer can now assist us with and provide us with high quality final prints. We can now print a wide variety of high quality documents, such as the simple word document to the latest HD family pictures; 3D printing is now one of the latest features that we can gain from the use of a new printer.

So how do you know which printer will best suite your needs, it all depends on what you actually require from your printer. There are Ink Jet printers, Laser jet printers, all in one printers and printers that can accept memory SD cards, direct from your Mobile phone or digital camera.

The All in one printer are generally very expensive, however they will provide you with every type of service you require. They will generally come with built in scanners and sometimes even fax machines. Technology has really advanced in today’s market; however it is recommended that you do not purchase one of these, unless you really need to, due to the price that they cost.

If you are looking for a printer to print of digital images from your computer or digital camera, then a printer that is specifically built for this process would be your best option. Kodak printers are specially built to produce the finest quality pictures as the end product. This does not mean that no other printer can achieve this however, as most printers in the industry today, will be able to offer the same service. The type of the paper used and also the quality of the ink plays a huge part in the final quality of the image.

When we are looking to purchase a new printer for our family home, one of the most important factors that we will look at, is just how much will they cost to run, in other words, how much will it cost to replace the ink or toner cartridges. No matter what process, you use your printer for; the amount of ink used will no doubt always be of a concern to you.

Look into using Compatible ink or toner cartridges, rather than the much overpriced OEM cartridges. You will receive the exact same quality from your printer, and also the same amount of prints form the available ink in the cartridge or toner. It seems wise, as you can receive the exact same qualities for a half of the price, you can pay for a OEM ink cartridge.

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