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Today we take a look at the HP PhotoSmart C6180 printer. It is a part of the PhotoSmart range of printers which have seen a massive improvement over the years since there release. The C6180 printer is one of the most recent models and this becomes more apparent as you look into the many updates and new features in which the printer makes available to you. The Printer is of the all in one type, which means that you can also use the printer for tasks such as faxing, copying and scanning.

The C6180 printer has been commented on its ease of us and also the quality in which it is able to print. It comes as a stylish design and also despite the many functions of the printer; it is also very compact in size. Due to the small size of the printer, it is easily suited and will fit in well within the modern family home, or home office. The Printer comes with a good size paper try which is able to hold over 100 sheets of paper.  This paper tray is integrated into the system and is used for all of the tasks the printer is able to accomplish.

This Printer is an Ink jet printer which means it uses Ink cartridges to print the images and other documents you require from it. As it uses ink cartridges this means that you can easily manage each colour of ink that the printer requires, this is a good feature as you will be alerted if one colour of ink is running low and also allows for plenty of time to attain a replacement cartridge. The quality of the final prints are of the highest standards, and due to the modern technology used within the printer, you can be sure to receive prints, which last for a significant amount of time.

Wireless technology is also one of the latest features which have been integrated into the system. This means that you can connect to your printer without the use of cables or even the use of a computer. Direct printing is also a huge selling point of the C6180 printer, as this means you can simply insert a compatible memory card into the printer and select the images you wish to print using the smart LCD screen integrated into the system.

As with all printers we accept that sooner are later, the ink supply will run dry. It is recommended that when this time does come, that you invest in the compatible ink cartridges to save you money when you are looking to buy PhotoSmart C6180 ink.

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