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If you are looking for a new printer for your family home, then we recommend you take a look at the HP PhotoSmart C6150 printer. This printer is an all in one printer which enables you to take on not only printing tasks, but also allows for you to use the printer as a fax machine, a photocopier and a scanner. This is a fantastic printer, which will cater for your every need, especially if you are a little short of space in the home or in the office.

Printers such as the PhotoSmart C6150 are gradually making their way into not only family homes, but also into the offices of many big companies. This is because the printer can do everything you need using only the one item of hardware. In previous times, you would have had to use several machines to be able to accomplish all of these tasks. In the present times we live in, we can now look to the PhotoSmart range of printers to assist us.

The PhotoSmart C6150 is also of a modern design, which means it looks good and it is able to fit in with the modern home d├ęcor of today. Old an traditional printers always will look out dated now with their bland designs and there worn grey colours, this may of in fact been the reason you are looking for a new printer. This multifunctional printer is able to print at an amazing speed, it is able to print not only general text documents but also Photographs. The specifications of this printer, tells us that it is able to print up to 32 pages per minute in Mono and 31 pages per minute using high quality colour inks, many printers are not able to match these speeds.

The Paper tray is able to hold over 100 sheets of paper, and uses the same paper try for all applications the printer is able to use. It is an ink jet printer so it uses the classic ink cartridge to enable it to print to the quality you have come to expect from HP. If you already own this printer or are looking to own a printer such as the PhotoSmart C6150, then you will need to be aware of the ink cartridges it requires. This style of printer uses a total of six ink cartridges; these are all readily available from many online stores. The Price of this printer is very reasonable, so to make extra saving on purchasing PhotoSmart C6150 ink, use compatible ink cartridges rather than the genuine types.

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