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The HP PhotoSmart C6100 printer is one of the latest models of printer available from HP. It has been dubbed as the world’s fastest all in one printer, and comes with many additions that you will not find on any other printer. As it is an all in one printer it can be used as a fax machine, a copier, a scanner and of course a quality printer.

It is able to print 32 pages per minute of high quality text document, and an amazing 31 pages per minute of premium grade colour print. The Input paper tray is able to hold 100 sheets of paper and if you do no currently own a computer, then this printer can still be used to print using a memory card.

All of the above mentioned features make this a truly special printer, and a printer which has become well respected throughout the industry. It uses six individual ink colours to be able to produce the quality prints that it can achieve for you; this makes it different to many other types of inkjet printer, which only use the four standard inks. The use of six individual colours means that the printer is able to print images, which are produced including the highest amounts of detail. The PhotoSmart C6100 printer is a little larger than the rest of the printer within its range; however the extra size only makes the printer better. This printer has required the need to be a little larger than the rest, to be able to cope with the extra functions available on it. As with other printers in the PhotoSmart range, this printer includes a LCD screen which makes the task of choosing the right options for your print, as easy as they can be.

There is not much to complain about, when you use this printer as it is so simple to use, yet can still produce amazing results. People who have used this printer in the past have left very promising reviews on their experiences, these can be found all over the internet. The PhotoSmart C6100 is one of the few printers available on the market today, which uses wireless technology; this again is just another excellent addition to the printer.

If you need to buy replacement ink cartridges for this printer, seek to purchase the compatible ink cartridge to save yourself a little money. OEM ink cartridges are expensive to purchase today, and by using a compatible ink cartridge, you will still receive the exact same results, but at a fraction of the cost. HP PhotoSmart C6100 ink is available from several online retailers, be sure about the printer model you currently own, as this will ensure you order the right ink cartridge for your printer.

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  1. I am also using same printer and agree with your view that this printer is best user friendly printer that gives us fantastic results beyond our expectations. thanks for this detailed info. cheap ink cartridges


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