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Are you having trouble with your inkjet printer? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. The aim of this article is to help you source the maim problems that you my encounter when using a printer, and also to provide you with ha quick troubleshooting guide. If you own an Ink Jet printer then there are many problems in which you could encounter, from a paper jam to the frustrating knowledge that your printer has run out of an ink supply.

The simplest of problems will seem to become an out of control nightmare, if you do not hold the correct knowledge on how to deal with these issues. For example when I first encountered a paper jam, there were no LCD screen on the printer telling you that this is what the problem was, you just had to find out why the printer was not printing when you had asked it to. This had resulted in me, turning the power on and off, pressing every single button on the printer, which had probably made the problem worse and then then finally giving up and leaving the printing before I lost my temper with it.

This is not the only problem you can encounter, as mentioned earlier the ink supply on your printer could have run a little low, and again the printer will not print. On the printers of the market today, if they are connected up to your computer then the chances are that there will be a printer monitor programme installed, when you install the printer on the computer. This programme will inform you of ink levels within the printer upon the start-up of your printer, every time you attempt to use it. In the occurrence of a Paper jam then after, you issue the order to print, then printer will just seem to do nothing. If you notice that there is a little piece of paper left in either the output or the paper input tray, then a paper jam will be the cause of the problem. Most printers will come with a detachable faceplate which will allow you to access the internal part of printer, you can use this to help you free the paper jam.

To reduce the risks of all of these problems then you should look into buying a printer like the HP PhotoSmart C6240, as this printer has been recognised as being in of the best printers in the market today. It comes with an LCD screen and built in software, so that in the rare instance of a problem, the LCD screen will be able to tell you the exact location and the source of the problem. If you own this printer and are looking to buy replacement PhotoSmart C6240 ink then make sure that you buy the correct ink cartridges for your model of printer.

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