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Many people do not understand that there is more than one option, when it comes to replenishing the ink supply for your printer. Many of us believe that the highly priced OEM ink cartridge is the only option and is the item that we should spend out hard on cash on. The aim of this article is to show you that there is in fact several other methods in which you can use to replenish your drained ink supply, and also the many positive differences when using these other methods.

The Compatible ink cartridge is rapidly becoming the number one choice for all customers who wish to replenish their current ink supply. The question that is normally asked is if the compatible ink cartridge is as good as it is made out to be then why does everybody not use them? We believe that the reason for this is that not enough people know about the compatible ink cartridge, and will therefore feel like they have no choice but to buy the overpriced OEM cartridge.

There ae several differences between a compatible and an OEM ink cartridge, and despite they are not always obvious to see upon the first glance, upon a deeper inspection you will find and understand just how efficient the compatible ink cartridge really is. Let’s begin by taking a look at the way in which the two different types of cartridge are built. The OEM cartridge that we will find for the model of printer we own will no doubt be well built and will be fit for purpose however how do you know the quality of the ink inside these cartridges. The answer is that you do not, you just trust that because the item belongs to a well-known brand such as HP, that the product will be good.

With the Compatible ink cartridge, you will find that the ink used inside of the cartridge is of a premium grade. It has to be or else the product would not sell to the customer. As we mentioned before, we trust companies such as HP, because they already have a good reputation. With the compatible ink cartridge this reputation is not there. They are built to last and will have been tested as per the OEM cartridge that it will be replacing, so you can be assured that you not encounter any problems with the ink cartridge when the time comes for you to use it with your printer.

Another method of which manufacturers of these printer use, is that you will find one type of ink cartridge is compatible for a wide range of printers, this could in effect cause you problems in the future if you are not careful. However with the compatible cartridge, this is not an issue as each different model of printer will have its very own alternatives for you to choose from.

He final and probably the most important issue is the cost of the cartridge you use. The OEM ink cartridge is fantastically overpriced, and if you have used these types of ink cartridge before then there will have probably been a point where you have asked yourself, just why you are spending that much money on an item so small.  If you own a printer such as the PhotoSmart C8150 and you use all the capabilities of this printer, then you will need to replace the ink supply on a regular basis. This is where a compatible ink cartridge will save you money in the future.  Look to use compatible ink no matter which printer you own and whether you are looking for PhotoSmart C8150 ink or other compatible HP printer inks look online to find the best prices.

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