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In this article we will take a look at the several advantages there are, to owning an Ink jet Printer. The Ink jet printer has been around for a long time now, and over the years the technology which is incorporated into them has seen a significant raise. Since the release of the Ink Jet printer many years ago, we have seen the Laser Jet printer come onto the market and make an attempt at becoming the number one choice of printer. The Laser Jet printer is a new addition and is able to provide you with many extras. However is the Laser Jet printer really worth the money you are expected to pay for them?

As we have mentioned the Laser Jet printer is generally quite expensive to purchase, however if you look in the right places you can find an Ink Jet printer for as little as $50. The more you spend then the more you can expect for your printer, however if you are looking for a Printer to use in your family home, then an Ink jet printer which is able to complete standard prints to a very high quality will be sufficient. There would be no point in spending a high amount of money on a printer, if you have no use for half of the features the printer is able to complete for you.

One advantage of the Ink Jet printer is that they are able to produce a high quality standard of Images, when used to print them. If you own a PhotoSmart printer, then you will have seen the fantastic quality images that these printers can achieve. If you are looking for a printer to carry out some home-office work then a Multifunctional ink jet printer will be the printer you should seek to acquire.

The main disadvantage of an ink jet printer is that the ink cartridges can be expensive if you use the genuine types supplied from the original manufacturer of the printer. One method in which you can combat this high expense is to use compatible ink cartridges. The Compatible ink cartridge can be found a less than half the price of a genuine cartridge and yet you will find that there is no difference in the quality of the images or documents you print.

One printer which has been highly recommended is the HP PhotoSmart C6285 All in one printer. If you have ever used one of these printers then you will have seen that they are amongst the best ink jet printers ever to have been made. To find replacement PhotoSmart C6285 ink or to buy any other ink jet printer, the best place to buy will always be online, as it is here you will find the best prices.

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