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A printer is a device that must be connected to your desktop computer, to enable you to print images or text documents. There are many different types of printer on the market today, and when it comes to making your choices it can be hard to decide, which printer will be the best for you. Printers will come in all different shapes and sizes, and will also cost very different amounts, depending on the specifications of the printer.

There are well known brands such as HP which have taken a lead in the industry and even people who know nothing about computers or printers will know who Hewlett – Packard are, and what they do. The Most common types of printer in which are sold today are, Ink Jet Printers, Laser Jet Printers and you may even find Thermal printers in certain places of work. All of these different types of printer will be able to offer you different advantages.

The Ink Jet printer is the most popular printer, and is the printer which is found in most family homes worldwide. They are seen as user friendly printers, as they are generally very easy to use. They work as they propel droplets of liquid ink onto almost any surface, in most circumstances this material or surface is paper or card. They are also very low cost today, and you can find a real bargain if you look in the right places.

The Laser Jet printer is generally more expensive than the Ink Jet printer, as they are seen as a little more sophisticated. They are able to print at quicker speeds and does not use ink cartridges. The Laser Jet printer uses what we call a toner cartridge; however these are much more expensive to buy than the typical ink cartridge. Laser Printers use LED technology, which are able to obtain small particles of toner from the cartridge and then transfer them on to the paper.

One of the best Printers on the market is the HP PhotoSmart C6283. It is an Ink Jet printer and they can be found to buy for a cheap affordable price. They will last for many years and will always provide you with the very best images, as they have been specifically designed to print high quality images. As they use Ink Jet technology, the printer uses several ink cartridges, and when the time comes to replace these cartridges, we recommend you use compatible ink cartridges, instead of the overpriced HP genuine types. You can buy compatible PhotoSmart C6283 ink cartridges online, and they can be found from several sources for a low cost price.

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