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There are many different types of printer ink cartridges which are available on the market today. These differences could be as simple as the different type of cartridge for the different types of printer, or it could be weather the ink cartridge is a genuine one or if it is of the compatible types.

Each different types of ink cartridge will hold many different key features for example, a compatible ink cartridge is far cheaper to purchase than the genuine types. However it is the genuine types which are always recommended from the manufacturer as the number one ink cartridge for your printer.
There are also ink cartridges that you can buy, which can be refilled. This process will seem to be the most cost effective way of using your printer. However many people have never attempted to refill their old cartridge and therefore will be left quite surprised after they have attempted to refill their ink cartridge. It can be a long process and one in which can leave a substantial amount of mess. It is hard to actually complete the process and once it has been completed, there is no guarantee that your newly refurbished ink cartridge will actually work.

This is because of the chips that are found in the ink cartridges on the market today. One problem that you may encounter using this method is that the chips will not recognize that the ink cartridge has been refilled and will therefore not work as they are still seen as empty by the printer.

Genuine ink cartridges are quite expensive, and although you will be able to find a printer for a reasonable price, the manufacturer will see a return of their profits if you use their own brand ink cartridges. This is the reason why the manufacturer will always recommend their genuine ink cartridges.  So are they actually the best ink cartridge to use with your printer?

Here we introduce the compatible ink cartridge to you. They are rapidly seeing an increase in their worldwide sales; this can be because of many different reasons. The main reason is that they are available at only a fraction of the price of the genuine types; however they will offer you the exact same quality and effectiveness as the more expensive genuine ink cartridges.

If you own a HP PhotoSmart C6288 Printer then the compatible ink cartridge should be the ink source that you use. Why waste your hard earned money on genuine ink cartridges, when you can see the exact same results from a cheaper alternative source. Buy HP PhotoSmart C6288 Ink online to find the best prices.

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