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In the current climate of today, we are all looking for a printer to complete several tasks for us. There are many printers out there that are able to do this, and with the appearance of the all in one printer, we have found printers which hare able not only to print, but also able to be used as a fax machine and a scanner. The printing of images is a process that most of us now require from our printers, and there is no better way of making sure that we gain the quality we deserve, than using a dedicated photo printer.

The HP PhotoSmart D7168 printer is one if these printers and we have used it on many occasions to test just how good the printer really is. It can be hard to find a printer which is able to maintain a good quality print, especially when it comes to printing images. If you are looking to use a printer to print special images and pictures, then the final quality will be important to you, after all there would be no point in printing the image if you are not going to want to keep it, this would just be a complete waste of ink and other resources.

The printer is not really a compact printer, and it can take up a significant amount of space on your desk, however despite the size, it is of a modern design and it will be able to work for you for many years. It is durable and very effective and off the customers we know who have used it, there have been no complaints. You may also find that many other models or brands of all in one printer, will struggle to make a printer of which is compact or smaller than the HP PhotoSmart D7168 model.

The printer much like other PhotoSmart models of printer uses the unique six colour ink cartridge system. This enables the printer to really be able to print in high definition, and you can be assured that no detail will be missed by this printer when printing images. As mentioned there is also a smart compact LCD screen built into the printer, which will enable you to easily search through the printing options and print settings. There is also the option to look at the image on the screen before you print, this allows you to resize, crop, zoom and also remove any appearances of the dreaded red eye form the image before you print.

There are compatible ink cartridges available to use with this printer, we find that if you use the compatible ink cartridge as opposed to the more expensive genuine types, you will save a significant amount of money in the long term. Buy PhotoSmart D7168 ink online to find the best prices and also to really make the most of your new PhotoSmart Printer.

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