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The use of one printer as a part of a network of several computers is known as printer sharing. This is a very good method to use, if you work in an office, or even to use in your family home, if you won several computers. Why should you have to spend more money on printers, if you can use one quality printer for all of your needs? In the office workplace of today there can be up to 10 computers working in close proximity of each other, if each of these workstations was to have their own printer, then the daily running and maintenance costs would be significantly higher than if you just used the one printer.

Windows XP actually comes with a printer sharing programme which will allow you to set up a network and connection from many computers to the one single printer, which is placed nearby. To enable the network to run smoothly and to gain a connection, you will in many cases require a router. The router will act as the meeting point for all the computers, then from here the information sent from any of the computers in the network, will be sent to the printer. At one stage in printing history, you would have had to use wires to connect all systems to the router, today that is not the case, as the wireless technology has emerged and has taken its place as a part of many printers.

The first step you will have to achieve in order to get this system to work is to actually share the printer. You will have to connect the computer to the printer; this can only be done if the computer has recognised that the printer is there. A computer should recognise a printer if you have connected the wires correctly or if you have connected to it using the wireless options. However, just because the printer knows that the computer is there, it does not mean that the computer has installed the software that will enable the printer to work. Once you have connected to the Printer, and all software has been installed you should be ready to go.

The HP PhotoSmart D7268 printer is a model of printer that you can connect to using wireless technology. It is also an all in one printer, so is suited to be used in a small office or in the family home. As it is an all in one printer, it will save up a considerable amount of space around the office, as there is no need to buy separate items to accomplish results in different tasks. When you need to buy replacement PhotoSmart D7268 ink, it is important that you know which ink cartridges you need. We also recommend you look for compatible ink cartridges, as they will provide the same results as the OEM types at a half of the cost.

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