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In this article we are going to take a look at one of the new printers, which have been made available by HP. The PhotoSmart D7160 printer is a dedicated image printing item of computer hardware. It looks modern and comes with a very sleek design, which means that it is made to be able to fit into any modern household or workplace. It does not matter which tasks you need the printer to complete for you, as it is an all in one printer, which means that the printer will be able to accommodate for all tasks that are in demand.

The Printer does look similar to all other printers that are a part of the PhotoSmart series, as a part of the D class range. So we have to ask, just what is the difference? The answer to this question is that in truth, there is not much difference in this model of printer when you compare it to printers such as the PhotoSmart D7155, it looks the same and the internal components are very similar. There is still the mounted external LCD screen and there is also the option for wireless printing, and spaces for the memory card or SD card to be inserted into the printer. The only major difference is the upgraded print head and also the way in which printer, chooses to print all documents and images you require of it.

There are new methods and settings available to you, when you are looking to finally print a document. It is a relatively cheap printer, for the amount of work it is able to complete for you, and you can easily find this printer for the reasonable price of only $150. You may also be able to pick a second hand model for under $100.

As with all PhotoSmart printers, it has been built to last for many years, and will only require basic maintenance measure to ensure that the printer continues to work for you. After we had used this printer, we found that the quality of the final print, in both images and documents was exceptional and we feel that there will not be many other models of printer, which will be able to match the standard of this printer.

There are also compatible ink cartridges which you can use with this printer, genuine HP PhotoSmart D7160 ink can be expensive, so it is recommended that to gain the best results from your printer you use the compatible ink cartridge.

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