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If there’s one cartridge that’s stealing the limelight nowadays, it’s none other than Brother LC75. Brother’s printers are already topping the elegant quotient and now the manufacturer is busy offering them at incredibly lower rates.

Do you know manufacturers of printers don’t make the actual money by selling printers? Brother, too, belongs to this league of manufacturers. They intelligently price their printers at amazingly affordable prices, but offer their excellent quality cartridges at a bit higher price. Still, Brother’s cartridges are cheaper than those of Lexmark and HP.

But, we’d like to leak a little secret here. Brother’s cartridges fail to give out as many printouts as those given by HP cartridges. Just as it is said, “every coin has two sides,” if you compare HP and Brother, you will find merits and demerits in both. But, both feature their own Unique Selling Proposition.


A good Brother LC75 cartridge gives about 600 printouts at five percent yield. You can get ten-pack cartridge from reputable websites at affordable rates. If your business involves a lot of printing, you must invest in a LC75 cartridge model because this is an economical method of getting volumes of printouts.

The trick to extracting the most from your printer is using a compatible cartridge. The LC75 model is compatible with a series of printers, including MFC-J280W, MFC-J425W, MFC-J6510DW, MFC-J430W, MFC-J435W, MFC-J625DW, MFC-J651DW, MFC-J6710DW, MFC-671DW, MFC-J835DW, and MFC-J825DW.

A compatible ink cartridge is perhaps the best replacement cartridge you can have for your Brother printer. Websites dealing in ink cartridges endeavor to offer supreme quality in cartridges to their customers. Most display ISO9001 standards and render 100 percent compatibility with your printer. For smooth office functioning, you must consider printer and cartridge compatibility.

Brother LC75 cartridges are manufactured in a manner that exceeds the specifications of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Almost all cartridges undergo rigorous testing, QA (Quantitative Analysis), and other inspection procedures.

Cost Per Page

The Cost Per Page (CPP) of the latest Brother devices is appreciable. It’s true that Lexmark provides great monochrome CPP and HP provides amazing color CPP. It seems that Brother will promote its new machines at a low Cost Per Page. They intend to highlight the benefits of high-yielding and super-high-yielding cartridges.

According to Brother officials, people who print sporadically need not spend more money on a printer and cartridge. They can easily make do with a lower Cost Per Page alternative that gives them satisfactory yield at a satisfactory price.

Last but not the least, the new Brother LC75 uses an off-axis design that facilitates the use of bigger ink tanks. On the contrary, an on-axis design that lets the tanks mount on the print head requires ink tanks to be smaller in size and lighter in weight. They also give lower yields. The ink tanks in the new models are filled with Intellidge pigmented colors, such as yellow, cyan, and magenta, and black. Indeed, LC75 is a “brotherly” device!

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