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If you have Canon PIXMA IP 4600 printer, you must use Canon PGI220 cartridges. Canon cartridges are tailor-made for canon printers. The PIXMA is a multi-tasking printer, except that it does not scan. It has all the standard features and functions that a decent printer must possess. Surprisingly, it costs lesser than expected.

Features of IP 4600

People who own Canon PIXMA IP 4600 usually fall in love with their printer! Its piano-black finish with sheen gives it a beauty touch. The device itself enhances the room décor when placed on a table.

The earlier models of canon printers were bigger in size. IP 4600 is smaller and easier to handle. When you open the covering of the print, its classiness is best exposed. The paper holder protrudes from the front side of the device. It has an alternative paper source located at the rear tray. It features two control buttons – one for feeding sheets and starting to print; other for power. A USB socket is present at the back.

You can connect this printer directly to your camera through PictBridge socket. Its compact design and sleekness when opened (especially when the paper tray is out) makes it an in-demand product. People who love style in everything they use must get this printer for their office or home. It uses Canon PGI220 cartridges that are compatible with this printer and gives it a good ink shelf life.

Features of IP 3600

The Canon PIXMA IP 3600 printer might disappoint the people who love wireless. The printer has no WiFi. Apart from this, the device is excellent in the basic purpose it is meant for – printing. So, if you can do well with cables, this is a superb choice in printer. The device is a photo printer, capable of printing legal paper sizes of up to 8.5” × 11”.

A noteworthy feature is that you can print without lifting the top of the hatch. The printers are great for regular text printing and getting excellent photos. The device is ideal for home usage and non-commercial printing.
One of the advantages of using Canon ink cartridges is that you get a longer ink life and can print plenty of 8” × 10” size photos without fearing the ink getting dry in cartridges.

Both Canon models, IP 4600 and IP 3600, can use Canon PGI220 cartridges and Canon CLI221 cartridges alternatively. The latest versions of these Canon ink cartridges are smaller in size, almost half of the original size. But, reset chips are absent in these cartridges. Also, the cartridges harbor an encryption system with the monitor chips possessing 128 bits. You can get compatible cartridges that are as good as the original ones. Besides, they are cheaper.

If you have recently got a PIXMA printer, look nowhere else but Canon PGI220 cartridge providers. Using incompatible ink can decrease the quality of printing and make the printer look less efficient, even though it might not be.

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  2. Very true that the incompatible ink decreases the quality of printing. If you are using good quality printer but bad quality ink then you are not able to get good quality printing because the head of the cartridge is responsible for printing. So good printer and use of the best inkjet cartridge has equal importance.


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