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The widely accepted Brother inkjet cartridges contain the BROTHER LC61BK, which is stark-black ink. If you don’t want to buy a new cartridge, you can refill the empty one on your own using an inkjet refill kit. It includes a syringe, thumb drill, ink, set screw, and allen wrench.

Your inkjet cartridges must be filled properly for optimum performance of the printer and high-quality printouts.

Steps to refill

Remove the cartridge from the printer. Place it in an upright position on the table. Before placing, spread a sheet of newspaper on the table surface and put the cartridge on it.
The BROTHER KC61BK has a tiny dimpled hole at the top. You need to find this hole and, using a thumb drill, enlarge it.
Take the refilling syringe in your hand. Fill in with around 12 ml of black ink. Insert the end of the syringe into the enlarged hole in the Brother cartridge.
Once the end of the syringe is in its place, push its tip so that it pierces into the hole. The black ink will slowly get injected into the cartridge.
Continue the injecting process till the syringe is completely empty. Take the tip out of the hole.
Take the set screw from the refilling kit and screw it in the hole to secure it completely. Now, the ink will not flow back. Make sure you screw tightly.
Your printer has a refilled cartridge and is ready to print.


You will notice that many BROTHER LC61 Ink Cartridges contain a colored lid. This matches the color of the ink inside them. You need to remove the lid with a flat-head screwdriver. Then, you will find a silver seal that covers the fill hole. You need to peel off the seal. Only after doing this, you start enlarging the hole using a thumb drill.

CAUTION: drilling directly into the seal may lead to leakages and make the refilling job tougher. If you want the process to go as smoothly as mentioned above in the steps, you need to go about in an organized manner.

Each Brother cartridge harbors around 7 ml ink. You must always use the syringe in the kit to inject the ink into the empty cartridge. Pouring it directly or using any other means can lead to a failed refilling process. The ink may spill, making the printer, table, and your hands messy.

After you fill the cartridge completely with ink, don’t forget to cover the hole; or else the ink will come out. The set screw is for covering the lid, so use it. If you’re still doubtful that the hole is not completely covered, you can tape the screw for complete coverage.

Always wash and dry the syringe and then place it back in the kit. If you skip this step, the leftover drops of ink may dry out in the syringe. The next time when you use it to refill the cartridge, the unwashed syringe may not hold the required amount of fresh ink because it already has dried out ink in it. For neat refilling of BROTHER LC61BK, follow the steps mentioned here. Refilling is easy.

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