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Did They Do The Work That Makes Their Items As Good As OEM?

If you type in 'printer ink cartridges' or 'laser toner cartridges' into your search engine you will find hundreds of outlets selling items like these - then it becomes a task of narrowing down exactly which of these resellers is doing a good job in two key aspects.

One, and most importantly, is how dedicated are they to making sure the compatible ink and ink cartridges they sell stack up against the OEM cartridges that you would buy directly from the printer's manufacturer itself? With modern manufacturing techniques it is possible to get a cartridge that meets or exceeds the OEM specifications in all aspects, but not all companies goals are the same. Some simply want to make quick profits and don't really care how long they stay in business.

Researching the Field

A little bit of research can give you the tools you need to find reputable ink cartridge sellers that are interested in quality products and are in the business for the long haul. One of the big things to look for is the amount of time the company has been in business - sellers which are not concerned with quality simply don't last long in this field, so if the company you are looking at is less than five years old that may indicate problems.

Another giveaway is what types of products they carry - dedicated sellers of ink and toner printer cartridges will usually concentrate only on those areas - they will not have lots of other products at their website, so if you see a company that sells hundreds of items, among them ink and toner cartridges like the Epson #87 T087720, it is a sign that they have not invested enough in the demanding field of printer ink cartridges.

What to Look For

They should also state clearly that their cartridges are manufactured to the exacting demands of the OEM products; mainstream manufacturing facilities make these cartridges every bit as good as the OEM cartridges as long as the quality control and proper specifications are in place, and they should also go into detail about their methods of remanufacturing previously used cartridges, like the - this process should be every bit as exacting and yield a laser cartridge which works every bit as good as the OEM model.

If you check the above, talk to the customer service to see how knowledgeable they are.

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