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New Water Based Inks Offer Improved Color and Resolution

One of the newest advances in printing technology is coming from a company called INX; their new Aquatex Ion Label ink systems utilizes a water based flexographic formula for printing on a wide variety of media, from paper to film and thermal labeling uses. With these new water based formulations, they are getting up to 1500 lines per inch, and they offer excellent color strength, resolution and transparency for brilliant output on a wide range of media.

Right now the ink formulations have not become widespread throughout the industry, but there is no question that the technologies used for the ION inks will quickly be absorbed by other ink manufacturers, and the uses of this technology are quickly going to spread beyond the uses it is currently being advertised for. The detail, color, transparency and resolution is simply too high, and will not be ignored - graphics intensive industries will want to make use of the ION inks and all that they can do as quickly as possible, which means that within a short span of time there will be more and more printers which are capable of using this formulation.

Multiple Media and Specialty Formulations

Among the features that other companies and compatible ink and toner manufacturers will find extremely useful is the ability to print across a multiple media platform; as well, there are specific formulations that specifically target different industries, such as the high heat resistance versions, and the ION-F series which can print on a variety of treated, non-porous film structures including different vinyl products, foils and various polyester and cellophane materials.

These Inks Will Soon Be Adapted For Wider Use

Keep your eyes open for this ink to quickly become a fixture in segments of the industry including any firm specializing in graphic arts and nontraditional applications outside the tag industry. Not only does it offer great resolution and color, but it also has superior press stability and can be run at a wide range of press and print speeds.

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