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Paper Basics

In the printing world, there are constant improvements on both ends of the printing spectrum - the one which most people think about is ink and toner cartridges and the ink that goes in them; obviously, these are very important, but just as important is the development of new paper; the new paper then inspires the reworking or jet and printhead technology and ink formulation.

Kodak just released several new lines of paper at the Photokina Trade Show that all fall under the Professional Inkjet Media category which specializes in photo paper. The new Inkjet Photo Glossy and Lustre are next gen photo papers and offer the latest digital paper technology that gets the best results out of inkjet machines from the major manufacturers.

The new papers, which also include Fine Art Textured and Smooth, offer increased color gamut's and a greater ability to reproduce richer and deeper blacks, and which offer a more dynamic range across the color spectrum as well as more detail in the shadow areas.

Fine Art Papers

The Fine Art papers are of particular interest in people printing art media, with these heavyweight, extreme quality archival grade paper. Fine Art Smooth is a 100% cotton paper and great for portraiture, while the Fibre Satin and Fibre Glossy are an inkjet paper reminiscent of the traditional fiber based photo papers - these papers offer market-leading color gamut and make great looking prints.

New Papers Work Great with Compatible and Remanufactured Cartridges

The best thing about these papers, even though paper manufacturers are limited, is that good, quality remanufactured and compatible ink cartidges work just was well with them as the OEM ink and laser toner cartridges; in this world we save money where we can, and if you choose carefully you can get products in the remanufactured and compatible markets that are built as good as or better then the OEM cartridges that came with your printer.

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