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You already know that recycled printer ink cartridges cost less than new ones. But, how are those recycled printer cartridges made and what exactly are they? Good questions. Let's take a look at the answers.

To save money, consumers can now buy either recycled inkjet cartridges or they can buy recycled toner cartridges. These are available from a variety of online sites, but consumers must be careful to purchase only from reliable sites that have a track record of outstanding customer service. Some online vendors are not interested in providing the best quality products as much as they are in making a buck!

Not only does buying recycled printer inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges save you a lot of money, it also keeps those materials out of landfills. A lot of press has been issued on how these materials can harm the environment if they are disposed of in landfills. The best way to prevent that harm is to recycle them whenever possible.

So, how are recycled printer ink cartridges made?

It begins when old cartridges are obtained by a service vendor. This can happen in a variety of ways including trading in your old, empty cartridge when you buy a refilled one.

Then, the company who is refurbishing the printer ink cartridge will sort it into the right category. This is normally down according to brand and model of the printer that the cartridge fits. The printer ink cartridge is inspected to see what condition it is in. When possible, damaged parts are replaced. If repair is simply not possible, the cartridge is discarded.

Once the needed repairs have been made, the vendor will then refill the printer ink cartridge or toner cartridge with fresh ink. The cartridge or toner cartridge is then reassembled. The best vendors will always refill the cartridge or toner with high quality ink. It should be noted that some inferior vendors will use cheap ink which only causes problems. Again, work with a reliable vendor.

It is now time to test the printer ink cartridge or toner cartridge. This is an important step and the best vendors will always inspect and test their products before offering them to the public. The only way to know if a process is being completed correctly or not is to check for printing errors. This is why testing is crucial. Once the printer ink jet cartridge passes its tests, it is packaged and ready for sale. Companies that perform these tests and inspections will almost always say so on their websites. If a company does not say it tests and inspects, move on to another company. Don't take a chance.

Buying refurbished or recycled ink cartridges can literally save a home or business hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over time. The amount of savings one can see when buying recycled ink cartridges is nothing less than substantial. However, one last time, it is imperative that you buy from ink cartridge and toner cartridge vendors who are experienced, reliable, and honest. Buying from shady vendors will only lead to disappointment and possible harm to your printer to boot!

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