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Some recent news has come about concerning the production of various types of ink that being manufactured in the US. The news is not considered all that good, and has to do with the demand of ink, in general.

It is no secret that many more Americans are getting their news and sports information via online sources these days. This has meant that over the years many newspapers, magazines, and other types of printed material have either reduced circulation or gone out of business altogether. As these printed sources decline, so does the need for printing ink.

It was reported that the print media will continue to see a decline in circulation for at least the next five years. This does not bode well for print media, as one might assume. But this reduction in ink demand is also caused by less use of printer ink in other industries as well such as packaging (less consumer spending on goods and products means less need to print new packaging for those goods and products).

Some of the hardest hit firms are those that manufacture commercial ink jet cartridges and printing inks used for lithographic, flexographic, letterpress, and gravure printing techniques. These inks are sold to various printers, as well as to print media such as newspaper and magazine printers. Other who are affected include office supplies wholesalers and as many types of screen printers.

The good news, if there is any, is that this decline is not being seen in all areas of printing. For instance, ink companies that manufacture products for home or office use (printer ink cartridges or toner ink cartridges) are doing just fine as more homes and offices are using their printers for a variety of tasks. Also not affected are those manufacturers who cater to the fax machine or copier industry.

In many ways, the writing has been on the wall for this sea change in printer ink. Over the last few decades some of the most prestigious newspapers and periodicals have spent considerable time and money in getting their media posted online. Today, more people can read the NY Times online that who were ever able to read the newspaper when it was available only in print form. The same can be said for hundreds of to other publications.

As for non-commercial printer ink use, that, too, has been a long time coming. The old days of having to buy expensive printer ink cartridges when replacements were needed are over. This has allowed more homes, small businesses, and organizations to take advantage of lower printer machine costs which allows them to do much of their own printing in-house. As in-house printing increases, and prices for ink jet cartridges and toner ink cartridges decrease, the need for this particular type of printer ink is expected to increase as well.

One thing to keep an eye out for is the cost of commercial ink going up in the near future. As often happens in cases like this, the cost of a product that is in demand decline can actually go up for a short period of time. This could mean higher prices for newspapers and periodicals.

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