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If you run a business, you know how important it is to cut costs whenever possible. One of the best ways to save money right now is to learn how to store your printing ink supplies in order to keep them up to standards and usable. This easy task can save any size company a lot of money over the course of a single year and it is very simple to do. It can also help to prolong the life of your printers!

The first tip is to always keep unused printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges in their packaging until you are ready to use them. Make sure that the manufacturer's seal is not broken or damaged as this can help prevent entry of air into the ink cartridges. If air gets into a printer ink cartridge or toner cartridge it can cause a hard crust in the area where the ink is released when in use. If you must store an opened ink or toner cartridge, try to replace as much of the packaging as you can especially protecting those small caps that are located over the nozzles. If you have opened ink, store it in airtight plastic containers.

The location of storage is also important. If printer ink or toner ink gets too warm it can expand, bubble, and leak. Try to keep your printing ink supplies in an area that is between 60 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have opened ink cartridges, you should try to have some moisture available in order to keep nozzles from crusting as well as help prevent evaporation. You can do this by placing a moist piece of towel or cloth inside the plastic container which is enough to provide the needed humidity. Make sure to check the towel from time to time and moisten as needed.

When storing printer ink cartridges always keep them in an upright position. Cartridges that are on their sides tend to leak. Never store multiple colors of ink cartridges one atop the other as a leak from one on top can contaminate all those below it. If you have multiple colors of ink, store the same color in the same plastic container (if they are open) to prevent contamination.

To help extend the life of your printer ink cartridge once it is inside the printer, always turn off the printer when not in use. Many printers automatically send ink to a more protected area once it is turned off. This helps keep the ink from air which can dry it out.

The above tips can be put into use by any size business (or home printer user for that matter) within minutes. The few actions that it takes to get your printing ink supplies protected can result in increased life for your printer ink cartridges as well as help protect your printer from possible harm. All in all, these are great ways to save big money and they are easy to do. Try them now and starting saving money now!

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