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color printer printing grass and blue skyWhen it comes to printing photos, it’s never good to compromise on photo paper quality. Plain copy paper may suffice for a basic job, but it may not be the the best for printing out photographs. Using the right paper will result in vibrant and crisp prints.

First and foremost, check out the recommendations given by your printer’s manufacturer. This is the best way to get great photos from your inkjet printer. You also need to make sure the ink, paper, and printer will work in tandem so you receive the best possible results.

An Overview Of Various Printer Paper Types

There are many options to choose from when choosing commercially available inkjet papers. Here are some of the most common types of printer paper:

Coated Paper: Coated papers are used extensively with inkjet printers to achieve the finest possible image quality. These are the most popular papers and are sold under several types like “matte,” “glossy,” and “semi-glossy”.

Photo Papers: Specialized photo papers for inkjet printers are the most varied and complex type of digital photo papers. Pictures printed on this paper resemble conventional photographs because an ink-receiving layer is fused onto the photo paper for inkjet printer. They are also durable and have a glossy surface.

Basic white printer paper: A lot of plain and treated printer papers will suffice for printing documents with an inkjet printer. They can offer good image quality and fast printing. But ink can also spread easily with these papers, which can result in dull images.

happy woman office worker using printer scannerUsing Printer Paper Most Effectively

Most software packages for printers offer users a variety of settings to ensure the best possible print quality. They take into account paper size, type, and the file being used (text or photo).

An important thing to remember is that you should note the drying time for inkjet prints. Inks contain solvents that need time to dry before you can handle them or put them in an album. Even if the photo paper for inkjet printer an Instant Dry or Fast Dry type, it is a good idea to allow printed pages time to dry before handling them.

Photo paper for inkjet printers has evolved according to new printer technology. Some photo papers are designed to imitate old-style, wet-processed photos, while others resemble modern textures and offer more choices to the consumer. Feel free to experiment with different papers, and find out which look works best for you!

Which printer paper types do you prefer using? Do you have any secrets for printing a great picture? Tell us in the comments!

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