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Want to save money by creating and printing your own business cards at home? Good news– it is not as hard as you might think!  
One of the main things to consider when setting out to create your own business cards is the content featured on the card. A business card is a form of professional marketing material. It needs to communicate both your brand and relevant information. Take time to plan out what information is best to be included on your card. 
When creating content for your business card consider these design and content elements: 

  • Name: Your business card should include your full name. This should be displayed clearly and boldly on the card. It should also include the name of your business, your title, and company logo.

  • Preferred method of contact: How do you want to be reached? If you are horrible at keeping up with email, then do not include your email address on the card. The contact info needs to allow someone to reach you and receive a timely response. Only include methods of communication that will allow that to happen.

  • Color: Choose a color scheme similar to your website. This will give your business a cohesive look. When creating your card use a CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) color profile. This will ensure that your card will print with the exact colors you anticipated. If you design your card using another color profile, the colors will not transfer properly in the printing process.

  • Font: Use a font that is easy to read. Bold your name so that when someone first glances at your card they take notice to your name. This is a courtesy to those you are handing your card to. For example, if someone is in a meeting and is referencing their encounter with you, they will be able to know your name by quickly glancing at your card. Use a font size that is readable and not so large that it makes the information on your card look cramped.

  • Space: There needs to be an area of the card that allows the person you hand it to to make a note. This is helpful for someone who receives a large amount of cards regularly. People write notes on business cards they receive to remind them who you are, where they met you, and why they are interested in you.

  • Social handles: If you produce a lot of valuable social media content, include your account  handles on your card. Only include the handles that present you in a way that you want to be seen professionally. Remember just because you are on every social media network doesn’t mean you have to promote your presence on every platform.

Before printing your cards, double check all of your information. Make sure your contact information is correct and your name is spelled correctly. Have someone else look over your cards as well. This will avoid printing hundreds of cards only to have to throw them away due to one small error.

Have further questions about the design of your business card? Have you created your own business cards? Share your designs with us in the comments below! We would love to see what you have created and would like to feature your designs in an upcoming blog post!

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