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First lesson of Ink-onomics, before buying a name-brand printer at a surprisingly low price, think about the price of the ink cartridges. Most companies sell their printers at a price that’s very affordable in order to attract more customers. A printer has little to no value with its complement, the even more expensive ink cartridge. Lexmark is one of the many printer manufacturers profiting from the sale of expensive cartridges rather than the actual printers. With a long line of printers like the Lexmark Pro715, the Lexmark Pro915, and the Lexmark S515 costing $70-$200, the high expense of actually using these printers is almost unavoidable since these printers require costly cartridges.

Lexmark 150XL compatible ink cartridges

Depending on your job function or purpose for having a printer, you may require new cartridges every 2-3 months. Another element to consider is that each printer is compatible with a specified type of ink cartridge. The Lexmark Pro915 and its respected relatives the Lexmark S310, S315 and S415 are only functional when there used with the Lexmark 150XL High Yield or the regular Lexmark 150 ink cartridges. The cost of a combo pack of 4 (1 black, 1 cyan, 1, magenta, 1 yellow) high yield ink cartridges is $118.98 at retail price (Staples). If you could save over $90 on your purchase without voiding your printers’ warranty, why wouldn't you? Unless you’re printing money to regain what you spent on ink (which is illegal), buying re-manufactured cartridges is a great way to save.

To serve the smart consumer, CompAndSave carry a variety of New Compatible Inkjet Cartridge models at a discount price while providing genuine quality and satisfaction. Those same Lexmark product models, particular the black (14N1614), cyan (14N1615), magenta (14N1616), and yellow (14N1618) ink cartridges, are professionally re-engineered in a manufacturing facility that uses state of the art processes to ensure that they will print as well as their genuine Lexmark counterparts. Furthermore, with every purchase of over $50 you receive free-shipping.  A 4-combo pack of Lexmark 150XL ink cartridges that would cost you $118.98 at retail is only $25.96 at CompAndSave. Buying from CompAndSave is wise for someone not willing to sacrifice their print load and save on an already expensive product. Smart savings for the smart consumers.


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