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Every year, in the month of February, there’s a particular day that is designated to love and romance. On this day, millions of people around the world express their love for each other by presenting items of sentiment, like a card, accompanied with romantic gestures. This Valentine’s Day, CompAndSave.com, your favorite ink & toner provider, would like to help you make February 14th, 2014 even more special with these printable, customizable Valentine’s Day cards.

Valentine's Day Card
Here’s what you need for this special occasion:
  • Envelope (make sure it’s wide enough to envelop the card properly)
  • Photo Paper
  • A working printer with a good amount of ink
  • Optional- a thoughtful poem or romantic text to express your love and affection for the recipient
Now that you’re prepared, here are the steps you need to make this special occasion an even more memorable one:
  • Go to www.compandsave.com/Print_Custom_Valentines_Day_Card_a/270.htm
  • Choose the size of your Valentine’s Day card
  • Upload your picture (preferably one of you & your loved one)
  • Write and edit your message to create your own personal greeting
  • Preview and edit your card
  • Print out your unique Valentine's Day card and send it to your loved one(s)
  • Last but not least, look forward to a memorable, romantic Valentine’s Day
The theme of this DIY project is love! Show your love, to the one you love, in a unique fashion by designing your own Valentine’s Day Card with a message that expresses how much you love that special someone. CompAndSave.com is proud to be your favorite ink & toner provider as well as your go to site for creative DIY projects and activities.

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