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According to recent surveys, an average family spends about $1,223 on back to school items each year, with kids spending about $ 436 and parents spending about $787. These items include school and college supplies such as text books, stationery, and electronics and so on. Let’s look at some back to school tips that will help you save on your back to school expenditure:

Make a list

Every savvy shopper will tell you the importance of making a list and then sticking to it. Start a list and keep adding new things so that you have a comprehensive list when you start to shop. This is the best way to keep track of the things you need.

Shop summer sales

Space out your shopping to coincide with sales. Don’t buy everything at once; buy items as and when they go on sale. This is particularly true for clothes; shopping on sale items can make a huge difference to your budget.  So keep an eye on online promotions as well as the retail outlets you visit regularly.

Shop online

Online stores typically have a central warehousing facility rather than fancy bricks and mortar retail outlets. Since operating costs are low and online stores are able to source items directly from manufacturers, they are able to pass on these price benefits to customers.  Take advantage of lower prices as well as discounts and special offers that online stores provide.  There are lots of back to school discount offers you can currently take advantage of so don’t miss out.

Check online buzz

Check published user reviews for products as well as online shops. See what users say on review sites, like Yelp, Reseller Ratings, and CNET before deciding what to buy and whom to buy it from.

Compare prices

Always compare prices before buying. The internet gives you the convenience of being able to check out many stores simultaneously. So shop around and check to see who‘s giving you the best value for your money and then decide who gets you as a customer.

Save more

Since stationery, and school and college supplies are some of the biggest back-to-school expenditures you're likely make, we thought we’d give you a helping hand with this special back to school offer we’re running for August:
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