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If you have a printer at home there is a lot that you can use it for – these are uses for the printer that you may or may not have thought of, which can be fun and creative DIY projects for you and your family; which could also save you some money. Today we tell you how to put those ink cartridges to good use with some common and some not too common DYI ideas for your printer.

DIY Printing Projects for the Home

You probably already use your printer to print out pictures of the family – it can be fun to print out pictures to insert into frames or to create collages. You probably also use your printer to print out customized greetings, party invites, thank you notes, notes of condolence or sympathy and possibly even the gift tags that you attach to presents.

But have you ever used your printer to create interesting wall art or home décor? Did you know you can use your printer to create posters for the wall? You can find beautiful paintings on the net, scenic photos or other art that you can print (just ensure that the pictures are no subject to copyright that expressly forbids such use of the pictures, though). If you want printouts that are larger than your regular printed page, software is available online that will help break up an image into tiles – you then print out those tiles (one on each page) and assemble them to create a poster for your wall.

DIY printing on wood
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 You can also print on wood. Yes, that’s right; you can print on wood using a roll of waxed paper. Pick the image or images you want to print and cut out some standard sized print sheets from the roll of waxed paper. Now reverse the image (particularly important for text but you may not need to reserve it in other cases) on your computer and print it on to the waxed paper sheet. Place the printed image (printed side towards the wood) on to any wood surface. Using something stiff like a credit card, push the ink down into the wood surface. After a while, lift the paper off and you will have transferred the text, image or graphic on to the wood surface. 

 In addition you can print out place mats for your dining table – print scenic photos you like or even family photos (one personalized place mat for each person in the family!). Have these laminated and you're done! They make good casual presents as well. 

DIY Printing Projects for the Office or Home office

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As you create décor for the home you can do the same for your office home office. Wall art, inspiring quotable quotes, motivational thoughts, wall posters and more can help to make your office space more attractive and cheerful. 

You could also printout your own desk calendars for the office – use photos of office employees, inspirational images or motivational thoughts as images. Labels for office shelves, files and more; even an “employee of the month” banner can be created in house for your office.
You can schedule these DIY printing projects for a time when you have fewer routine print jobs. Remember you should keep using your printer so that your ink cartridge doesn’t dry out and so that you get the best out of your cartridge as well as your printer.

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