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Franklin D. Roosevelt is thought to have said, "In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved".  So as we all prepare for our Independence Day,  remember free the liberties we enjoy are something to celebrate and safeguard rather than take for granted. Now, after this serious thought, let’s get on with the festivities!

This 4th of July falls on a weekend. This makes it the perfect opportunity for some celebrations with close friends and family. Here are some ideas for get-togethers as well as some free printables for yet another memorable 4th of July celebration:


DIY Invites and Décor for Independence Day

Here's some words to put on your invitation: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hamburgers! Or you can also go with a more standard: Join us for some fun, food and fireworks. It just depends on the type of party you're planning!  Luckily, we have some fun and free patriotic 4th of July invitation templates and printables below.

Then where are a whole lot of other printable ideas to get into the whole spirit of this patriotic observance:
  • Printable red, white and blue flags in sizes of your choice (large ones for the garden or walls, medium sizes to hand out and wave and small ones to use on top of cakes or burgers)
  • An independence day banner that can be the center piece of your party
  • Quotable quotes with an Independence Day theme (posters, wall art or even bookmark giveaways)
  • Stars and stripes coasters
  • Stars and stripes party hat
  • Tiny red, white and blue windmills
  • 4th of July paper napkins
  • Drinks décor to go on to straws and for cocktails
  • A stars and stripes paper chain for the buffet table or to use as streamers
There are some more printables and ideas for you to check out on Pinterest, here and here.


Free Printables for Kids and the Young at Heart

So that is your before-the-party all sorted out. For the party, you will need games to keep the adults entertained and the kids engaged.
  • Special 4th of July themed bingo cards 
  • The 50 states jigsaw printable
  • A 4th of July dart board for adults and kids to demonstrate their aim
  • 4th of July printed quiz sheets – keep the questions simple if they’re going to be for the kids. Make them more difficult if for adults.
  • US history coloring pages for some fun – check out some of these historical coloring pages or these other fun coloring pages to keep kids busy
  • Educational 4th of July worksheets - if you would rather that kids engage in some meaningful activities on this special day. Some ideas are: Pledge of Allegiance coloring page, math printables, patriotic worksheets and Sudoku and more
  • Red white and blue themed prizes for the games, party favors or goodie bag takeaways for your guests. Stuff these with candy, or a token to help your guests remember your party fondly

Recipes for 4th of July

What is a party without the food? We did you solid and rounded up some special 4th of July recipes and printables. Get some great ideas for mains, some red white and blue desserts, and some delicious traditional treats at All Recipes. Also, don't forget to visit Taste Of Home for more great appetizing ideas.

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If you have any celebratory 4th of July ideas to share with us, go ahead and start the conversation in the comments below or via our Facebook/ Twitter pages. And here’s wishing all our readers a Happy and Fun Filled 4th of July as well!