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fun gallery wall ideas
Your home is a very personal space; it is your showpiece in a sense. Your décor says a lot about your likes, interests, experiences and perhaps even your sense of humor! You can easily create a gallery wall; an effective conversation starter. Add wall decals, canvas art, art prints and more that reflect your personality. Use family photos, inspirational quotes, abstract or landscape art, funny quips and even your favorite cartoons or comic strips!

How to start your DIY Gallery Wall

Identify a space such as the entryway to your home, a space in your living room or a large enough wall space in your dining room. The side of the stairs or an outdoor space where you entertain could work well for your DIY wall décor project too. Below is a video for inspiration as well.

To begin, checkout your attic or storage space: there may be interesting old family pictures, a painting, a sketch by a family member, or even letters of significance that may be worth framing.
How about the hotel bill from your distant but memorable honeymoon or perhaps your old wedding invite? Your child or grandchild’s first clothing, a pair of shoes or christening dress; even the license plate of your first ever car could also make some unusual but meaningful wall art.  The first ever greeting your child made you, or the ‘painting’ of grandma that your  granddaughter made – these are highly frame-worthy as well!

Check out flea markets or resale shops for hidden treasures that you may be able to pick up for an authentic touch. Look for art prints, pop art frames, landscapes, still life or whatever appeals to your eclectic sensibilities.

DIY Wall Decals and Canvas Art

Image via: LollyJane
There is a lot you can do using your home printer to create that really personal gallery wall for your home:
  1. Print pictures of kids and grandkids. Think special occasions, family get-togethers, holidays, weddings or just some of their most adorable expressions; photos that mean something to you just because!
  2. Create collages using multiple photos, touch up photos, create monochrome or sepia prints or even get that pop art look. Online editing tools such as Picmonkey can be very useful for this.
  3. If there is a speech or poem you find particularly inspiring, print this out in an artsy font of your choice. Take the lyrics of a song that is special to you and print that out. But ensure that the font is clear and the size is large enough to be legible.
  4. Do the same with inspirational quotes, funny idioms or sayings or a memorable trademarks of a friend or family member.
  5. Scour the web for cartoons, funnies and comic strips that amuse or are significant for nostalgic reasons. Print out what you need (be sure to check that the website does not forbid this expressly for copyright reasons though)(im not sure that warning this matters, since its for personal use and not being published). 
  6. Check out abstract art, classic art, landscapes and still life online as well. It doesn’t have to be a painting by a master; choosing something that pleases you (color schemes, scenes, or anything that appeals) is more important if you're trying to bring more of your personality to your wall décor 
  7. You can also take printouts of stunning photos that you have taken yourself or which photographers have shared on the net: great buildings or historical monuments from unusual angles, a great sunset, a snarling, big cat, a canine in repose, a stark cityscape, pictures of indigenous folk all over the world; it could be anything that strikes your fancy really…
Check out some more of these ideas on Pinterest on our Printables Board and some more ideas for that gallery wall project of yours.

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