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It’s often the small, simple details that go past us. Yet they can unexpectedly affect your business system for the better.

Stickers can do a lot of things. They’re as budget-friendly as they are versatile since you can print multiples in one sticker printer paper. You can put them everywhere to influence an environment, organize your system and make a statement. 

Here are ways on how stickers can bolster your biz.

1. Promo Custom Stickers

Promo stickers giveaways for revelation records by Sarri-sarri distro & records in Flickr

Who can resist a sticker giveaway when stickers call on childhood memories of fun collectibles and "gold stars"?

Promo Custom Stickers function as mobile marketing to increase your company’s brand awareness. 

Here are a few tips on printing your Promo Stickers:
  • Sticker giveaways are relatively small, so make sure to grab attention with vivid colors of your theme. 
  • Be conscious of color meaning and what message you want people to associate you with. Many people think of money and eco-friendliness when they see green. Blue is associated with trust and security. You get the idea. 
  • If you're promoting a product, your custom stickers’ image will show people what it's all about at a glance. If you're selling donuts, let it be a design about donuts. It's okay to get basic while adding a  twist of your own. 
  • Print your design on a glossy sticker printer paper if you want it to have a sophisticated look. 
  • If you’re an artist, promotional custom stickers are one way of sharing your art style to others. People won’t be able to resist to use it as decoration. 
  • Make sure to add in your sticker your social media channel in order to contact you.

2. Product and Package Label Vinyl Stickers

Packaging adds to a product’s aesthetic and a customer’s desire to buy them. Package label design is therefore important to upgrading the look of your product. 

In sticker printing Product and Package Labels, always remember:

  • Glossy photo sticker paper compliments reflective surfaces such as glass.
  • Glossy photo sticker paper adds elegance to a non-reflective surface.
  • Matte photo sticker paper gives off a “natural” look.
  • If the labels needs to be written upon, matte photo sticker paper is easier to write on. Writing on glossy labels will make the ink smear.

3. Office and Equipment Labels on Printable Sticker Paper

Organizing cleaning labels color by Malia Karlinsky of Flickr

Get more organized at work and increase productivity by knowing where things are at a flash. This can include color-coding, sticker planners, due date planners and more.

4. Themed Decoration Custom Vinyl Decals
Birthday Party Stickers by Anders Ruff Custom Designs from Flickr.

If you’re decorating your business for a specific occasion, sticker printing is a simple, cheap but effectively aesthetic way of expressing it.

For example, decorating for a Product Launch event can be done with wall custom vinyl decals of your product. Complimentary stickers on drinking glasses, ice cream cups, decorative spoons add a nice touch. 

If your stickers have irregular shapes, a Cricut sticker cutting machine can do the trick to turn them into quick die-cut stickers.

5. Office Wall Decals
Work Hard Stay Humble Wall Decal Sticker by Chris Wiltshire of Flickr.

If you want to inspire your employees, an inspirational message in wall decals can serve as a quick reminder of their joy in working. 

If you want to share your motto to your visitors, custom vinyl decals will let them know in a flash. A few tips to remember in sticker printing wall decals:
  • Clear Wall Decal Paper is preferable for this purpose.
  • Make sure that the font color contrasts with your wall color.
  • A 8 x 11 inches sticker printer paper can suffice.
  • For bigger messages, an 11 x 17 inches printable sticker paper may fit better.

          6. Name Label Sticker Printing
          Name Label Sticker

          An easy way to organize things for your employees’ belongings like tumblers, their office tables and their own equipment. You can also use these for your customer needs.

          7. Decoration Wall Decals
          Wall Decal Sticker by Eduardo Rodriguez from Flickr.

          Simple decorations can go a long way. They can make the theme of your business more pronounced in your office. You can also change them so that your office will always have a new look.

          Opt for removable vinyl stickers for decorations. These are designed to leave no adhesive or remaining paper on the surface. 

          8. Sign and Warning Vinyl Stickers
          Warning Sticker Sign by Coastal Elite from Flickr

          Preventive measures must not be forgotten and stickers are a quick way to do it. There are a few things to keep in mind:
          • Print on Permanent Vinyl Stickers for this purpose.
          • Choose bright colored printable sticker paper.
          • You may consider choosing neon, glow-in-the-dark printable sticker paper if needed.
          • Create the words of caution and warning with large, readable fonts.
          • Don’t forget to laminate the vinyl stickers with over-laminate sheets to make them weatherproof and waterproof.

                  9. Political Statement Car Decals
                  Let People Vote Political Statment Sticker by James Mallos of Flickr

                  People are more motivated to support a business that makes a stand similar to their own. Even if you’re making a controversy, it couldn’t be denied that there’s publicity. Attract like-minded people into your business with window decals beside your sign or car decals and bumper stickers in your company vehicles. 

                  10. Cause Awareness Bumper Stickers
                  Eco-friendly Cause Awareness Sticker

                  Another way to attract like-minded people to support your business is to give to your cause. If they are informed that part of your revenue goes to a charity or an NGO that you are supporting, it makes people feel they are helping make the world a better place by buying from you. 

                  You can even let your Cause Awareness Stickers be included to your giveaways to have them associated to your company.

                  Make Your Business Stick

                  Who knew stickers can do so much in a business? It helps you organize, promote and take a stand. Stickers help you make a statement and make it stick.


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