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Social marketing is a marketing process for improving the social conditions of the world. It can also be used to describe how social networking sites and other marketing tools can be used for online marketing of the products of a company. In the world of business, the second definition is more relevant. Online marketing has now progressed from the earlier established methods of keyword and banner ads. The latest focus is on the activities like video clips, blogging, and other viral marketing techniques. New social marketing strategies are being evolved almost every day.

Use of Social Media Sites

For running a successful social marketing campaign, online marketing professionals of both small and large companies are targeting social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, GoWalla, and Foursquare. The popularity of these sites has given them the power to influence the decision-making process of the most potential customers. Many strategies have been created to catch the attention of the people who use these sites. Even if a company is not marketing its products through these sites, it is essential to be active on them so that it can monitor comments about its business and about the products of its competitors.


Most companies are using blogs which is one of the most popular and effective social marketing strategies for attracting visitors to their websites. Potential customers can get useful information regarding the products or services that they need through blogs. Blogs are usually written by the people who are experts in that line. These blogs are created in a manner that projects the salient features of the products of the company. In order to be effective, a blog should be in the form of an informative article or it should be holding discussions regarding the products or services of the company. Moreover, it should have links to the company’s product and service pages of the website and readers should be able to leave comments and discuss important issues with the blog writer.

Viral Video

The use of viral video is another effective technique of social marketing. For using this strategy, the marketing experts of the company need to upload interesting and amusing video clips to a social site like YouTube or Vimeo. If the visitors to these sites view the video and like it, they will tell their friends to see it and this will lead to a viral effect. Such word-of-mouth advertising will spread the word to millions of people and result in a deluge of visitors to the website of the company and consequent high amount of sales.


Effective social marketing can also be achieved by giving out free eBooks to the people who either sign up for the website’s newsletter or perform any other desired task. This technique will attract people to the website who will then learn about the products of the company and might get interested in buying them. Even if they do not buy straightaway, the company can prepare an opt-in mailing list. For this strategy to be effective, it is necessary that the eBook provides useful information.

Online social marketing is a vibrant and dynamic strategy that keeps evolving all the time. It is important to keep a track of what is successful and what is not giving the desired results. Companies get the opportunity to engage directly with their existing and potential customers. They can create their own methods to have links with the customers in a way that benefits both of them.

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