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When it comes to printing and using your family household printer, the cost can be always an issue that is at the back of our mind. Printing today is not cheap, and although you may have been able to find a good price on your printer, the cost of Ink cartridges is not so cheap. This is the real money maker for Brand companies in the printing industry; OEM cartridges can become a huge part of our monthly expenditure, if you use your printer on a regular basis.

You can however look at several techniques on how to save the amount of ink you use, but without having a rough idea of how much it will cost for your printer to issue you with one finished print, these can be useless. It is all about saving money in the current climate of the recession, so to have the knowledge of being able to calculate the cost of per page printing, is crucial information in helping you to save money.

Most cartridges will come with a rough guideline on how many pages you could expect your printer to achieve, for the ink within the cartridge. This however can depend on the actual quality of your printer, and another point to note is that it also depends on the type of printer you own.

Inkjet printers are much cheaper to run than laser jet printers. Although the advantages of a LaserJet printer are obvious to us all, the cost will also be significantly higher. It also depends on what you are also looking to print, as todays printers can print high quality images, text documents and information directly from the Internet. It is no surprise that the printing of your latest family photo will use a considerable higher amount of ink, than the typical full page of text would.

This is important to note, as if you use your printer for certain tasks such as Printing family photos, then you may wish to look into other methods, as printing services online can actually be a cheaper option, rather than use your own family printer.

The type of cartridge that you use, will also impact the amount you spend in your Ink cartridges every month. We all need our printer, weather this is to print the children’s homework or your own work assignments; we can use a massive amount of ink per month. By using compatible ink cartridges rather than OEM cartridges, you can also save yourself a massive amount of money. The Compatible cartridge can provide you with exactly the same quality service as the Original manufacturer.

The typical cost of an Ink cartridge in the US is around $30, if the manufacturer advises that you will achieve 800 pages of finished print, the average cost per page will be $30 / 800 -= 0.37. It is this simple sum, which can save you money, when looking for the best ink cartridge for your needs.

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