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Toner cartridges are powders that are used in LaserJet printers and copiers, the powder helps to form the printed text on paper.

Toner cartridges have come a long way.  Originally, they were poured into a printer from a bottle to the reservoir of the printer, which could be a potentially messy ordeal.  Today, there are toner cartridges, which similar to ink cartridges feed the printer without causing a mess.  Modern-day toner cartridges comes in four colours, cyan (blue), magenta, yellow and black, or as it is often abbreviated, CMYB.
Just as there are different types of ink cartridges, there are different types of toner cartridges which can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  How are toner cartridges made?  They are basically made by means of combining certain ingredients and then making them into small pellets.  Then the pellets are ground into a fine powder by means of the process of air jet milling, until the pellets form into granules of various shapes and sizes.

Some companies, to get a more refined print, have even added certain chemicals to their toners to make them more uniform in size.  The smaller shapes of toner cartridge granules make for a much more efficient print and better toner use.

But even though toners cartridges have proven to be revolutionary in the world of printing technology, a person can still get dirty from their usage.  But there's nothing to worry about, toner cartridges can easily be washed off by just using simple cold water. Don't use hot water, because that will just cause the toner to become more imbedded into one's clothing or skin, making it harder to get rid of.

There is no question that toner cartridges have forever changed the way we print.  Just make sure that when you buy one, you understand how it works and how to properly install them into your inkjet computer.  When you use one, you will be simply amazed at how easy it can be to print a few pages of a document or many copies, thanks to how easily toner cartridges has made it for all of all to print.

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