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To the beginner who is looking for their first computer set up, it can become a daunting yet challenging experience, when you decide to purchase your first set up. A printer should be a part of your first computing system; in fact many stores which sell computers will offer a printer as a part of the package. So with this in mind, which printer will be the best printer for a beginner?

HP are renowned for their quality range of printers, this has taken them many years to accomplish and today they stand at the top of the printing industry. There printers are very easy to use, which makes them perfect for the beginner. The HP PhotoSmart 8250 printer is a printer that specialises in the image department, and it will produce the most perfect quality images each and every time it is used.

You don’t even have to own a computer to use the printer, as you can simply use the memory card from your digital camera and plug it into the printer. The Printer uses a LCD screen as a part of the design and you can use this take a look at the images before you select the ones in which you require to print. The LCD screen will also come in handy if you need to take a look through the extensive printing options available to you.

You will find that the printer is able to print at breath-taking speed and can print around 31 pages of coloured documents per minute. As an extra quality feature of this printer, you are able to watch any video clips you may have saved on your memory card or your computer. The ability is then there as you are able to freeze the video and print out the image that remains.

Many printers on the market may seem cheap to purchase, until it comes to the time when you have to change the ink cartridge.  The original manufacture of the printer will always recommend that you use their own brand of ink cartridge, as according to them it is the best for your printer. It is also the most expensive option, look into purchasing compatible ink cartridges instead, and you will save yourself a massive amount of money in the long term.
When looking for PhotoSmart 8250 ink, you should ensure you are looking for the correct cartridge, in relation to compatibility with your printer. As buying the incorrect type is an easy mistake to be made, if you do not take the right precautions.

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