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The HP PhotoSmart 8230 printer is seen as a replacement for a previous model of PhotoSmart printer the 8450.  It maintain the previous models speed and quality in the print, however it now holds updated internal working parts and a new redesigned print engine. Basically rather than using the older tri colour ink system with built in print heads, the new system requires the use of an innovative reservoir system that used six separate ink tanks.

It is still able to provide you with the speedy printing service, and it now includes a smart personal printing lab. This feature is seen as the printer’s finest addition and also its best strength gain, as this feature is what makes the PhotoSmart 8230 printer a real force to be reckoned with in the printing industry. The quality of the final image which is provided is exceptional, and of the highest quality. This is a trait which is common in all PhotoSmart printers, and a trait which has enabled HP to become the number one choice of printer, no matter the customers’ expectations or the services in which they require a printer for.

It is a lightweight and easily portable printer; however it stands dominant next to any PC or other printer in which it is to reside, due to the sleek and modern design used to manufacture the final product. It has been reviewed and tested by many leading online retailers and all have reported no major issues. It is able to hold over 100 pages of paper in its normal tray, and over 20 pages of Photo Quality paper in the specifically designed photo paper tray.

The Setup has been reported as being simple and easy. All that is required is the USB cable for the computer and the power cable to provide the printer with its internal power. The PhotoSmart 8230 requires the use of five colour ink cartridges, to ensure the highest quality printing process. These ink cartridges are Cyan, Magenta, yellow, Light Magenta and also light Cyan, there is also a large capacity black ink tank integrated into the system. Once installed you will also receive the option to download the latest HP Image Zone Software, this is highly recommended and will only take around 10 minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Purchase PhotoSmart 8230 ink online for the best prices, and look to use compatible ink cartridges as opposed to the more expensive OEM or HP ink cartridge. The printer provides an excellent value for money and is one of the finest quality HP printers available on the market today.

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