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Are you looking to purchase a new printer for your family home? If the answer is yes to this question then you should look no further than the HP 3110 All in One Printer. Hewlett Packard have become known to produce only the highest quality printers, and they have accomplished this through using only the very latest in printing technology.

The HP 3110 Printer is no exception to the brand and again HP has achieved something special in this product. It designed primarily as a Printer to print high quality images; this is the reason why it is part of the PhotoSmart range of printers HP has to offer in the current market.  It comes as a sleek and modern design and can cater for a wide range of other printing tasks, excluding the image printing we have already mentioned.

It is both lightweight and portable in its design and features simple controls, so that even the newbie can work its functions, without any problems. It is able to print quickly whilst still being able to produce a quality colure print, and to make the product even more desirable, you are able to upload images directly from your SD card to the printer, excluding the need for a PC.  Many customers prefer HP printers over many others, due to their durability, and durability and performance are areas in which this printer exceeds.

The HP 3110 printer is easy to install and easy to use, and pictures or images that are to be printed from this machine will last for many years to come. It is able to print in extreme detail weather in black and white or in colour. If you add to the equation, that this printer can also carry out tasks incorporating Fax and Copying processes, then you will see how good a printer, the HP 3110 really is.

To keep the printer working you will need to maintain the ink levels of the ink cartridges. Ink cartridges are not cheap if you choose to purchase the genuine types. Compatible ink cartridges are the better option, when you are looking to print images on a regular basis. PhotoSmart 3110 ink can be purchased from many online retailers; you just have to find the right ink cartridge that is compatible with this printer. Save money when looking for new ink cartridges and purchase the compatible types to maintain performance and a long lasting appearance of your images.

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