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The HP PhotoSmart C5183 printer is an item of hardware which Is no longer on the market to purchase, however there may be many of you who still use this printer, as it had been built to last. You may have received this printer as a gift or as a now unused item from a family friend. These printers will be around for a long time, and even if you have purchased a second hand model of the printer, you can expect a further few years of use out of this printer.

HP has long been known to produce high quality and durable printers, and the HP PhotoSmart C5183 was no exception to this statement. It is an all in one printer, which was one of the main reasons it had become a success on the market and was also well reviewed through many independent persons online. The All in one function of the printer means that it is also able to be used as a fax machine, a scanner and a photocopier along with the normal printing functions.

The Printer is a part of the PhotoSmart range, and because of this it has been designed to produce only the finest in quality images, when it is used to print documents of this type. The C5183 printer has also been designed to ensure that it is able to blend in with the modern home, as it is stylish in it outer design and also of a very compact shape for the tasks it is able to complete for you. If you take a look in any office today you will no doubt see the huge contraptions that they use as their printer on a daily basis. The PhotoSmart C5183 is half of this size and is also very easy to use.

This model of printer comes with a built in LCD screen to help make the process of using the printer as simple as possible. There are many printing options to choose from, so by using this LCD screen, you can quickly see the options you need and select them without any problems. This printer is also able to print at amazing speeds; this is a trait which has become common for the PhotoSmart series of printer. Whilst using the C5183 printer, you can expect up to 32 pages per minute of quality grade Colour print outs.

PhotoSmart C5183 Ink is available from a variety of online retailers, make sure that you take a look around to find the best price and make sure you purchase the correct ink cartridge for your system. It is advised that you begin your search for a compatible ink cartridge as soon as you notice your current ink levels are low.

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