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The appearance of the all in one printer in the market of the printing industry could not have come soon enough. If you work in an office you will have come to respect the all in one printer, as it is able to provide you with several functions all from the same item of hardware. Not only does this save time, it also save money weather it is to be used in  a major office workplace or even in the family residential home.

Many people now also work from home, which will mean that the use of an all in one printer will be able to assist you with your daily working tasks. The all in one printer are not only able to assist with printing tasks, but are able to be used as a fax machine, a scanner and a photocopier. All of these tasks, in the past years will have had to have been completed using several different items of hardware.

Today however this is not the case, as HP have launched their new range of printer, the PhotoSmart series. Many of the PhotoSmart range of printer are of the all in one variation, this means that not only can all of the above listed tasks be completed using the printer; they can also be carried out consecutively. The HP PhotoSmart C5150 is one of the latest models to arrive from HP in this range.

The Printer is designed to cater for the Image printing processes, which may be required from some offices and residential homes. It contains new print head technology, which enables it to print with attention to detail and durability of the highest importance. If you are going to be using your printer for printing images then quality, will no doubt be a trait you are looking for. Quality is the main strongpoint of this printer, as it is able to provide you with it time after time.

The Printer uses inkjet technology to achieve the final result, this means that to work, the printer will need compatible ink cartridges. These can be expensive f you look to use only genuine HP types, however if you wish to save extra amounts of money, then do not hesitate to enquire about the compatible ink cartridge.

Compatible ink cartridges are manufactured to meet all original specifications, and will be able to provide you with the same long lasting quality print to that which is offered using the OEM cartridge. They are also readily available from many online retailers, and cost a fraction of the cost. HP PhotoSmart C5150 ink, is the reason why the printer s able to print so effectively and efficiently.

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