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If you have recently made your first investment in a printer, then the chances are that you will have bought the PhotoSmart C5185 printer, which was released into the market from Hewlett Packard. The Printer is an all in one printer, which means that it is able to complete several tasks for you, that you may have not even known about. There is no doubt that this printer is fantastic at printing out the images you require, this is what they have been designed to do. However take a little time to look through the other options that you printer can offer to you.

An All in one printer is able to be used as a fax machine, a copier and a scanner, the problem is that you may just not know how to use them for this function. The PhotoSmart C5185 printer, uses an integrated LCD screen to enable the user to quickly look through the many options this printer enables you to use and also when you have seen the option you require, will let you select it.

The LCD screen also comes in handy for other uses to, for example you can insert a memory card into the printer, if you are looking to print certain images. Once the memory card has been registered by the printer, you will be able to look through the images on the memory card through the LCD screen and select the images you wish to print. As we have mentioned, there is the option for you to just insert you memory card, this means that you do not even require the use of a computer to enable the printer to work for you.

This printer uses 6 ink cartridges to achieve the final result in the printed image for you. Many printers will only use the four standard ink cartridges. This again is proof that the printer puts in the extra effort required to make the images you print from it, extra special. Just like many other PhotoSmart Printers, you will find this printer is modern in design and also of a very compact size for the results it is able to achieve. The PhotoSmart C5185 printer is not available to purchase any more however they are likely to be around for many years, as the where built to last.

PhotoSmart C5185 Ink is available online for cheap prices, if you take the time to look around different suppliers. Ensure you purchase the correct cartridge for your model of printer, as many cartridges look similar but are not the same inside.

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  1. My mom likes this printer so much because it prints so well. It's just that she goes to Long Island document scanning every time she needs to scan a document. I suggest she gets an all-in-one printer to save her from spending much.


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