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A question that many of us ask is just what are the differences between the Ink jet printer and the Laser Jet Printer? This is actually quite an easy question to answer, however it may seems difficult for the relative newbie to the industry. Upon the first look at the two different types of printer there may seem to be no differences, however it is what hides underneath the sleek and modern looking designs, which hold the key differences in the working components.

The first obvious difference is that the Ink jet printer uses ink cartridges, whereas the Laser Jet printer uses the Toner cartridge. Here is where the differences begin, as the Ink cartridges uses a liquid form o fink as a method to print the documents you require. The toner cartridge is a little more modern in design and uses a powder known as toner. The Laser Jet printer then uses the toner powder and uses a laser to produce the final print.

This is the main difference between the Ink jet printer and the Laser Jet printer; however there are others that you should be made aware of. The Price in which you are expected to pay is also different, and generally you will find that printers of the Laser Jet series are more expensive to purchase.  Printers which use Laser Jet technology are more likely to be found in large office places of work as the technology is best suited to big All in one printer. All in Printers are capable of completing a huge variety of tasks, including Copying, Faxing and also image and document printing. The need for an all in one printer in the workplace of today, has been answered by many brands or manufactures of printers in today’s market.

The HP PhotoSmart series are a unique series of printer, as they are mainly all in one printers, however all printers use Ink Jet technology. This means that you can receive all the benefits of an All in one printer, in a small and compact size. This would make a printer of from the PhotoSmart series, well suited to all family homes worldwide. The HP PhotoSmart C6250 is a printer taken from this series of printer. It comes with an integrated LCD screen, and is able to print at amazing speeds, whilst maintaining the quality in the final image.

If you already own a PhotoSmart printer or are looking for PhotoSmart C6250 ink then make sure that you take your time, and find a replacement ink cartridges which is both compatible with your printer and will maintain the quality you have come to expect from HP.

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