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Canon ink cartridges are an age-old “fuel” for canon printers. They contribute largely in printing super quality images. You can find two main types of cartridges in the market. Each type has black ink and colored ink options. Recently, Canon PGI225 has stormed the printing market.


One of the biggest advantages of using canon ink cartridges is that they are convenient in handling. You can replace them on your own without any special training or technical knowledge.

You only need to open the cartridge area of your printer, remove the empty cartridge from the area, place the full cartridge into its place, and close the area. The cartridge box provides a stepwise guide to replace the cartridges.

Canon ink cartridges are the life of inkjet canon printers. Generally, these printers adorn the tables of small offices or home workstations. Their small size and easy operation has made them the favorite of home users.

In addition to the above advantages, manufacturers of canon ink have developed an organized technique of labeling the cartridges so that it becomes easier to choose the right cartridge for the right printer.


Canon printers use two kinds of ink, as mentioned earlier, black and colored. You get colors like yellow, gray, cyan, and magenta. You can also get combo cartridges or replacement cartridges. They are available in packs containing three, six, and ten cartridges. You can get them online easily. Several reputable websites deal with ink cartridges, offering a variety of brands.

For example, the Canon PGI225 black ink is perfect for getting crisp, jet-black printouts. Choose the color depending on your requirements.

Remember, the quality and model of your printer influences your decision to buy the kind of cartridges. The canon ink cartridges we’re talking about are compatible only with canon printers. Compatibility is important for efficient functioning of a printer. If you ignore this aspect, your printer may develop problems or may not print well. Then, it’s not the product that’s defective, but your choice of cartridge.

Difference between compatible cartridges and regular cartridges

Manufacturers design compatible cartridges especially to meet the specifications of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or exceed them. The cartridges are high in quality, printing, and reliability. They comprise only new parts, yet are affordable. You can get branded cartridges and printer supplies online from websites that deal in them. The Canon PGI225 cartridge is compatible with canon ink printers.

Benefits of remanufactured cartridges

Remanufactured cartridges comply with all the set standards of cartridge manufacturing. They pass through stringent testing and Qualitative Analysis procedure. This ensures that the cartridges are no different in quality from original cartridges.

Remanufactured cartridges are eco-friendly. Manufacturers, today, have started taking environmental issues seriously. They do whatever it takes to design a product that leaves the minimum carbon footprint. That’s why manufacturers recycle the cartridges cores and reuse them after subjecting the cores to rigorous remanufacturing procedure.

You can buy remanufactured cartridges online from the websites that deal in ink cartridges, Canon PGI225, laser ink tones, and more.

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