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The brother brand of cartridges, especially Brother TN315 and Brother TN315BK, are known for their exceptional print quality and high-quantity output. These cartridges offer perhaps the maximum number of printed pages. Their page yield, which is a measure of the total number of pages that can be printed with a cartridge, is often more than 6000.

In terms of quality too, Brother TN315 and Brother TN315BK cartridges maintain a high standard. One of the reasons these products have a high quality is the technology used in the cartridge. The toner particle is pigment based, like many other cartridges. But the difference is in its composition.

In Brother TN315 and Brother TN315BK cartridges, the toner contains a polymeric binder which enhances the image quality and ensures a balance toner distribution to the final image. As a result, these cartridges are highly sought-after for all kinds of printing – mainly photo printing.

As one can expect from the printing facility that boasts of high quality and quantity, the price of the cartridges too is somewhat in a higher scale. Wouldn’t it be great if the high-quality Brother TN315 and Brother TN315BK cartridges are available at a lower price? If yes is your answer, as it ought to be, read on. This post contains easy tips to get these cartridges cheaply.

Compatible cartridges

People familiar with printers will certainly understand what compatibility means. There are compatible printers and there are compatible cartridges.

Compatible cartridges are those cartridges that can be used in a printer instead of the original cartridge. There are companies that specialize in making compatible cartridges. It should be noted that these are not duplicates of the original products. These are different generic products that have virtually the same properties and features of the original cartridge.

The problem with the Brother cartridges is the complex technology it uses. There are indeed some companies that manage to introduce compatible cartridges for Brother TN315 cartridges, reproducing the exact technology used in original cartridges. These cartridges too provide more than 6000 pages of print yield. The resolution and the print quality are the same as that offered by original cartridges. The price is the only difference, which is less than half that of the original price.

Smart buying

The internet is a good place to search for compatible versions of different types of printer cartridges. Often, you will find more than one website that offer compatible versions of Brother TN315BK cartridge. How will you find the right buyer?

One aspect is to check the mode procurement of the seller. If it makes bulk purchase directly from the factory, it can pass on the cost benefit to the buyers.

Another aspect is the area of operation. Some states of the USA do not charge the sales tax, for example, Oregon. If the company operates from such states and sell their products through the internet, its consumers need not pay the additional sales tax.

In addition, it would be better to deal with the companies that work through the internet. Such companies can save a lot in operational expenses and can transfer the savings to customers as price discounts.

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