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You can get Kodak 30XL cartridges from many sources. Kodak is one of the oldest surviving suppliers of photography equipment. The quality of its products and the trust customers have for these products are almost unmatched.

This post is not intended to provide a list of websites that offer Kodak 30XL cartridges and other types of products at the cheapest rate. Instead, it focuses on helping you find a host of cost-effective options for buying Kodak 30 XL Black or Kodak 30XL Color cartridges.

The Kodak advantage

Kodak printer cartridges, for example, Kodak 30XL, Kodak 30XL Black, and Kodak 30XL Color, are highly sought-after products. The main attractions of Kodak cartridges are their superior print quality and relatively low cost. Kodak is one of the few manufacturers that let the customers know about two of the vital specifications of cartridges: page yield and cost per page. Page yield refers to the exact number of total pages that can be printed from a single cartridge. Cost per page is calculated from the page yield, cost of cartridges, and ink used by the printer.

As Kodak is a brand leader in providing photography-related products, its cartridges too are widely used for taking print-outs of photos.

Buying tips

You have two options for buying Kodak 30 XL cartridge, or for any other cartridge models for that matter: buying the OEM product or buying a generic product. OEM refers to original equipment manufacturer. In case of Kodak 30 XL Black or Kodak 30 XL Color cartridges, the OEM products are manufactured by Kodak itself.

On the other hand, the generic compatible products are not manufactures by Kodak. But these are manufactured by the companies using sophisticated technologies with the same specifications and guidelines used by Kodak. There are absolutely no differences in quality and performance. The only difference is in cost: the generic compatible product of Kodak 30 XL cartridge costs much less.

The prospective buyers must understand the distinction between generic compatible products and recycled or reworked cartridges. Generic products are freshly manufactured state-of-the-art cartridges having virtually every quality of the OEM cartridges. These are not duplicate or low-cost imitations either.

The only problem is in getting these products. You have to ensure that you buy the products from the right supplier.

How to find the right supplier

Suppose you are planning to buy a Kodak 30XL Black or Kodak 30XL Color cartridge. A genuine supplier should be in the field for at least more than five years. It is not safe to trust fly-by-night operators. Ensure that the supplier gets the product directly from the manufacturers. That makes the cost as low as possible.

Search for Kodak 30 XL cartridge on the website of the supplier. It will show a compatible model for the cartridge. Often you will get a price reduction of more than 75 percent.

What if you are not satisfied with Kodak 30XL Black or Kodak 30XL Color cartridge when you receive it? You can return the product. Genuine suppliers take their products back if returned within a reasonable time frame.

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