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HP 61XL Combo Pack, which contains one HP 61XL Black cartridge and one HP 61XL Color cartridge, is a popular type of printer cartridge pack. As with all other products from HP, these are high-quality products designed to use for a long term.

Pros and cons of HP cartridges

HP cartridges are renowned for their print quality and smooth working. HP should be ranked among the top when it comes to reliability and durability of the printer cartridges.

Perhaps the only problem that prospective buyers of HP products, like HP 61XL Combo Pack, may have is the cost of the products. The price of original HP printer cartridges is high by any yardsticks. For example, HP 61XL Black and HP 61XL Color cartridges cost higher than most of the same standard cartridges from its competitors. The company promises that the longevity and quality of the products in fact make its products cost-effective in the long run.

For the retail user though, the cost of these products remains a problem. What if you can get the high-quality HP cartridges, for example, HP 61XL Combo Pack, at a reduced rate?

The following tips help you get both HP 61XL Black and HP 61XL Color cartridges at less than half the price of the listed price.

Tip 1: Choose compatible models

A printer cartridge is a small box that holds the ink, either as liquid or as powder, that can be attached to the printer head. The cartridge contains an electric circuit that enables its communication with the printer head.

There are many types of printer cartridges available. The most trustworthy product is OEM product or original equipment manufacturer model. For instance, the OEM version of HP 61XL Combo Pack is manufactured by HP itself. Then there are duplicate and reworked versions, which should be avoided at any cost. These are cheaper, but do not last half as long and do not provide even a fraction of the print quality.

A third option, which is perhaps the most cost-effective option, is to use a compatible version of HP 61XL Black and HP 61XL Color cartridges. Compatible versions are manufactured by established companies. They get the product specification and manufacturing procedure directly from the original companies and produce a compatible version that is same in every respect as the OEM product.

Tip 2: Find genuine seller

If you are familiar with the ways of the internet, you should know that there are many fraudulent sellers. Check for the company’s track record before making the purchase. The longer the company has been in existence, the better it would be. Fraudulent companies cease to exist after the first six or seven years maximum. It is also better to deal with companies that deal exclusively with printer products.

Tip 3: Get maximum cost benefits

Compatible versions of HP 61XL Combo Pack are reengineered products, not cheap imitations. So, it would be hard to get a price discount of more than 50 percent. Companies that purchase in bulk quantities directly from factories can offer the best discounts. It is cost-effective to buy the combo pack than buying HP 61XL Black and HP 61XL Color cartridges individually.

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