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Advantages of Modern Inks

Engineers and technicians are working everyday to keep making ink cartridges better and better; the goal is simple - to continue to refine the mechanical workings of the cartridge, the way it is put together and the tolerances of the parts. The other part is the ink. Epson leads the pack in this regard with smartvalve technology, which allows the printhead to release much more uniform streams of the ink; this increases efficiency and sharpness, and they have a wide array of ink to choose from, from the Ultrachrome K3 which produces exhibition quality work, or the DURABrite Ultra Ink, which is great for regular and photo paper for everyday uses.

What to look for to save money without sacrificing quality

No matter how fast the technology moves, though, there are always ways to find a better deal than buying the manufacturers ink directly from the manufacturer - it can be extremely expensive, but there are alternatives which can yield just as results which are just as good as the OEM ink cartridges. The new ink and valve technologies are approached by a wide array of scientists from many different fields of endeavor, and it pays off for the companies that are heavily into this research and development.

It also offers a heavy payoff for the re-manufactured and compatible ink and toner cartridge industry - the good companies waste no time in adopting the best technologies that the first generation companies are developing, and they offer these excellent new products at greatly reduced prices, which benefits the individual and business consumer.

What it comes down to in both cases is a strong quality control ethic; the tolerances, both physical and in the quality of the chips and the programming - things are so far advanced now that the cartridges from ten years ago are truly in the dark ages.

The ink is the same

All of the ink and toner companies are making breakthrough technologies in this industry, and it is apparent when comparing prints from just a few years apart - especially on the upper end, the breakthroughs are astounding, but the technologies filter down quickly - there is very little lag time between the new inks and cartridge technologies between the original equipment manufacturers and high quality compatible cartridge manufacturers. This industry never stands still, but new products are rapidly adapted by competitors of every stripe, from the other major name brands to the higher quality compatible cartridge manufacturers. Their goal is the same as the big name brands - to offer the latest technology, and to keep a customer once they are found. You can only do that through the best inks and cartridges.

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