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Small businesses need to be money-smart when first starting out.
Between the pressure to turn a profit and constant need for the right resources, a wireless printer might seem like too big of an investment for a small business. But it doesn’t have to be!

Small Businesses Need As Much Space As Possible

A wireless printer will maximize your small business’s square footage. Cables that tangle can create a potentially dangerous mess, plus the constantly swapping out connections between computers and the printer can clutter your office in no time.

No longer do you need to be physically close to the printer to use it — with a wireless printer, you or your employees can send images or documents to the printer from almost any location in your office’s wireless network.

Speedy Printing Speeds Up Your Business

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Wireless printers cut down on physical setup time. Any worker within the small business’s network can share the printer, eliminating the time needed for shifting around and physically hooking up a printer.

Workers with smartphones and tablets can now print from a company wireless printer, even if they’re on a business trip! All you need is the right app, and you can print something at the office any time you want.

Small Businesses Need To Save Money

With a wireless printer for the office, your small business can save money on printer supplies. A printer that can easily be accessed from a different room (or even a different country!), will be cut down office foot traffic, increasing overall efficiency.

Your business can save money by sharing a printer through a WiFi signal. This can be a huge cost-cutter for a small business. But whether you’re wireless or plug-loving, you can always count on CompandSave to help with your ink cartridge needs!

Does your small business use a wireless printer? Have you had a good experience with a wireless printer? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the information. Wireless printers are very useful in places where there are lot of computers. People dont have to disturb other people who have their computer connected to the printer. Wireless printer & bluetooth printer makes work mor efficient. This is a very good invention.
    SornaValli Tech


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